What is the essence of real Japanese cooking?


Our Approach to Cookings

We want to create a cuisine that permeate
the mind and body

Breakfast, lunch, rice night.

Precisely because things of every day, I want to eat rice that happiness is

Shimiwataru in mind and body.

Rich over the four seasons, food of Japan.

Shading what there, there is a smell and taste each of with.

When conscious of the cooking method to draw it

Naturally seasoning will become to the same thing it was in the material
each not excessive.

Without putting all the seasoning from the beginning, while looking at the
middle of taste,

Close your eyes where your mind and body feel and delicious, try to quit

Cooking Specialist Hisae Daikokuya 大黒谷 寿恵

Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture on 1976.

Food Editor Takako Kotoke 小竹 貴子

Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture on 1972.